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VanNess has shot and edited movies and commercials from Liberia to the USA with very unique directors, while developing a very personal style.

Born in Jefferson City MO, he studied film making in upstate New York specializing as a Director first, before falling father in love as a Director of Photography.


Over the years VanNess has had the chance to work with a number of high profile celebrities which has help him keep a level head on set while getting the job done.


2019 was a very busy year for the DP as he completed 2 Feature Films and 6 Short Films 

Due to COV-19, VanNess like the rest of other film makers have spend the time at home editing for other film makers all the while writing what he believes will be "his baby" when filmed.

Now VanNess feels really ready for what comes next.





by Thomas Brazzle

with Alex Hubbard, Ash Anderson, Brad Brinkley, Cory Anderson, Emily Nedvidek, Roline Delve, Atlanta Siegel

Whet ink Productions

Nominated Semi finalist at the Web Series Festival Global  


by Gerald K Barclay

with Korto Davis, Joel Rogers, Jessica Claire, Josephus Tolbert

Haimumas TV and GEE BEE Productions

African Film Festival (New York) Official Competition

There are a few things in life that makes me passionate and truly happy about living. 


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